Historic Sites in the South Bay

The Greg Rogers House "Bay Breeze" was built in 1910 and was designated as Historic Site No. 1 by the Chula Vista City Council in 1977.
It was moved from 699 E Street in 1985 to its present location at 616 Second Avenue.

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City of San Diego Landmarks in the South Bay:
  • Montgomery Memorial Park 630-010-21 3020 Coronado Ave, Otay-Nestor 11/6/1970
  • El Toreador Motel 666-200-30 631 East San Ysidro Boulevard 92173 San Ysidro 8/30/1989 HRB#236
  • Auxilliary Naval Air Station Brown Field Historic District Buildings 760-109-60 Otay Mesa Road 92154 Otay Mesa 2/24/2000 HRB#405
  • Auxilliary Naval Air Station Brown Field Historic District Alta School Site 2/24/2000 HRB#411
  • San Ysidro Free Public Library 666-080-03 101-105 San Ysidro Boulevard 92173 San Ysidro 11/17/2000 HRB#451
  • Coronado Belt Line, Within the Area of Potential Effect for the Bayshore Bikeway Project, LDR 40-0378, extending 1.5 miles southeasterly of the intersection of Palomar Street and Bay Blvd 91911, 92154 Otay Mesa 12/19/2003 HRB#640
  • Harry Rundell and Amanda Rundell House 638-161-38 123 East Seaward Avenue 92173 San Ysidro 6/28/2007 HRB#820
  • David Louis and Susan E. Kretsinger House 628-101-07 2539 Palm Avenue 92154 Otay Mesa-Nestor 3/22/2012 HRB#1046
National Register of Historic Places in the South Bay:
  • 74000550 Initial Point of Boundary Between U.S. and Mexico Beach off Monument Rd. San Diego LI 1974-09-06
  • 83001228 U.S. Inspection Station/U.S. Custom House Virginia and Tijuana Sts. San Ysidro LI 1983-02-10
  • 73000431 Brick Row A Ave. between 9th and 10th Sts. National City LI 1973-07-16
  • 75000465 Granger Hall 1700 E. 4th St. National City LI 1975-03-18
  • 73000432 St. Matthew's Episcopal Church National City LI 1973-10-25
  • 96000424 Station and General Office, California Southern Railroad 900 W. 23rd St. National City LI 1996-04-18
California State Historical Landmarks in the South Bay:
  • No. 711 Montgomery Memorial - At Otay Mesa, in 1883, John Joseph Montgomery made the first flight in a heavier-than-air craft 20 years before the Wrights. Montgomery made many more glider flights before accepting a professorship at Santa Clara College, where he continued his interest in aviation. Location: Montgomery-Walker Park, NE corner of Coronado Ave and Beyer Blvd, South San Diego
  • No. 1023 National City Depot Transcontinental Railroad - This National City California Southern Railroad depot built in 1882 served as the first Pacific Coast terminus station of the Santa Fe Railway system's transcontinental railroad. The station was the West Coast general office and figured prominently in Santa Fe's effort to break the economic and transportation monopoly of California held by the Central/Southern Pacific Railroads. The first transcontinental trains arrived in November 1885, resulting in one of the largest land booms in the history of California. Of the original five transcontinental railroad terminus stations, this unique Italianate designed station is the lone survivor. Location: 900 West 23 St, National City, San Diego
San Diego County Historic Properties in the South Bay:
  • Vincent & Adele Whelan House designated in 2002
  • R. C. Allen House designated in 2002
  • Glen Abbey Memorial Park designated in 2007
  • U.S. Grant Jr. House designated in 2007

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