5th Grade Art Projects

3-D Hands

Archived projects from 2013

Optical Designs


Doodle Art

Bad Hair Day

Variation: Name Art - Write your name in “bubble letters” as the hair, then fill the insides with different designs.

Name Symmetry

Start with a square of 8 1/2” thin copy paper. Fold in half once, twice, and then folded into small triangles. In one of these triangles, draw your name using 5 or 6 letters, filling up the triangle space as much as possible with the letters. Outline in Sharpie. Open up the triangle and flip it so the drawn outline shows through to another triangle & outline the first lettered triangle into the second triangle (and so on).

Color in with marker, going over the edges of spaces with another color to give them a sort of undulating feel of going in and out with color.

Portrait Reference

Radial Symmetry

End-of-Year Dodecahedron

Snowflake Flowers

Pacific Northwest - Totem WebQuest Craft

1. You probably already have a vague understanding about what a totem and totem pole are, but you will need an official definition. Click on the totem pole art above to find out more information about WHY people make totems and what some of the symbols mean.

2. Your teacher will ask you to think of an animal, bird, insect or some other creature that you think represents who you are. Don't think too long about it! Choose the first thing that comes to your mind. Once you have it in your head, put it on the paper. Draw the animal, or use a found picture, and this will be your first totem on the pole. Write out a brief explanation about why this animal was the one that first came to your mind.

3. To create a second totem on your pole, you will have to answer some questions that will make you think a little more than your first totem. Go to the Animal Totem page at and take a few minutes to look over the questions they give you. Pick ONE of them, whichever one you like the most, and answer it. Don't worry...there are no wrong answers! After you answer this question, you will have your second totem. Draw it - your pole is growing!

4. To get your final totem, you will need a partner. Your partner is going to be the one who decides what your third totem will be. Talk to your partner for a few minutes and get to know each other if you don't already. After that, go to the Paper Totem Poles website and look at what each animal means when it comes to totems. Pick which one you think best suits your partner, and then have them put that on top of their totem pole! This represents how other people in the world see you.

5. The final step is to type a one-page explanation in Google Classroom about what you've learned about yourself and totems from this activity. Your answer should include all the parts that went in to creating your totem pole: Your reasoning for the first one, what each animal symbolizes to the native americans, and what a totem and/or totem pole means to you.