Newsreels 1946

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The quotes in these descriptions are from the Universal release sheets that were sent to theaters twice weekly. This May 13, 1946, sheet is a xerox copy in the National Archives.
1946/01/03 - (1) President Truman speaks, that 1946 is year of decision (2) Merrymaking Mummers parade (no sound) (3) Adm. Halsey Joins Saints and Sinners club (4) Tournament of Roses 57th parade, with Adm. Halsey leading the floats, "Winged Victory' and Iwo Jima flag-raising floats, football game Alabama defeats USC 34-14, Orange Bowl - Newsreel The End. (5) Floods Rage Through Northwest (no sound) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-465 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/01/07 - Newsreel intro with sound, but very light (1) strikers walk in picket lines, scuffle with police, Henry Kaiser signs agreement with UAW for his auto plant, man speaks (2) Kidnapping Tot Slaying Stirs Entire Nation (3) War Dog Gets hero Welcome in New York (4) Movies Honor War Finance Director - James Campbell retiring, had raised $150 million in war bonds (5) Fire Sweeps Army Post Exchange in Yokohama (6) golf (7) A Job With A Future - for army recruiting. Newsreel The End SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-466 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/01/14 - (no sound) (1) parade (2) Gen. Ike Honored By Canada (sound of Ike speaking at college in academic robes, received honorary doctorate at Toronto University) (3) Airmen Seek Peacetime Pilot Jobs (sound) (4) Gen. William Donovan decorated by Truman (sound) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-468 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/01/14 - Adm. Kimmel Testifies On Pearl Harbor. Newsreel intro with sound (1) Kimmel speaks to congressional committee that he did not get vital information about Pearl Harbor (2) UNO Tackles Peace Job (3) Eisenhower Promises GI Releases - Ike speaks that every man who served in the war will be home soon. (4) 10 Killed In British Rail Wreck - trains carried 400 passengers in tangled wreck (5) Marine Pageant - decorated private boats on parade (6) speed ice skaters - The End. SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-468 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/01/21 - Churchill On Vacation. Newsreel intro with sound (1) Churchill in Miami Beach for 6-week vacation, appears at press conference (2) Warsaw Rebuilds - "little by little life returns to this shattered city" (3) End of Rainbow - famous London Red Cross Club to close, Eleanor Roosevelt speaks (4) A Plea For Tolerance, Gov. Statton speaks. (5) Philadelphia mint strikes new Roosevelt dimes, Basil O'Connor in Dimebox, Texas, woman speaks on March of Dimes campaign (6) Animal News - donkey, tiger (7) Golden Gloves boxing. Newsreel The End SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-470 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/01/31 - Radar makes Round Trip To Moon (1) Fort Belvoir where army engineers sent radar to moon, closeup of screen shows radar signal, Col. DeWitt speaks, many future possibilities appear if allow imagination to reign. SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-473 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/02/21 - New Airliner (1) Douglas DC-6 luxury airliner tested in Long Beach, interior views for 56 passengers, converted into sleeping compartments for 26 passengers, at 20,000 ft. SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-479 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/03/28 - Reds Bolt UNO Meeting (1) first part of story missing - "New York: Dramatic scenes unfold in the United Nations Organization Security Council meeting when Russia's delegate, Gromyko, stalks out of the chamber in protest over vote to hear Iranian dispute. After Soviet action, Iran's envoy, Hussein Ala, presents his nation's stand." Iran delegate speaks. (2) Valentine In Tokyo - MacArthur welcomes Lewis Valentine from New York to modernize Japan police; (3) aerial TV camera tested at Anacostia, put in nose of plane, transmits picture to receiver on ground, see picture on screen of factory and nations capital; (4) Donut Dunking Etiquette - "New York: 'Don't quarrel - dunk!' is the motto for Doughnut Dunking Week, and there are laughs and chuckles for all hands as noted comics, aided and abetted by some amateur talent, enliven the proceedings." (5) Table Tennis Tournament - "New York: The nation's top-ranking ping pong aces compete for U. S. honors, with plenty of thrills and amazing play shown by the lad and lassies who do unbelievable things with that ubiquitous ball." scenes of the National Table Tennis Championship. SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-489 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/04/08 - Nation Pays Tribute To Its Soldiers (no music or narration) (1) "Chicago, IL: President Truman leads the nation in stirring Army Day ceremonies, as Americans from coast to coast pay homage to the men and might of their armed forces. The President calls on the nation to be strong and sees hope for world peace. New York: Thousands jam Fifth Avenue as crack troops and snappy cadets parade in the rain in a martial salute to our Army. San Francisco: The men and weapons that helped win World War II are on display as the Golden Gate celebrates Army Day." - sound only of Truman speaking, talks of winning victory with union of free nations. (2) "Airplane Graveyard" - "Kingman, Arizona: Countless millions in war equipment are parked in this Arizona graveyard. Bombers and fighter planes which blasted the Axis now sit with idle engines, silent memories of war and the cost of waging war." - aerial views of planes stored in desert, pictures of bomber nose art. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-492 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/05/02 - Nazi Film Shows V-2 Rocket Test (silent) (1) "Nazi Rocket Backfires - Germany: These amazing films, found in Germany, show V-2 rocket launchings against enemy targets. One of the giant missiles backfires and explodes in the launching site, killing scores." - scenes from captured Nazi films. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-499 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/05/13 - 1st Pictures Nazi Rocket Bomb in U.S. (silent (1) "New Mexico: Fourteen-ton Nazi rockets, launched by Army technicians in the first phase of our new long-range missile program, soar 75 miles into the ionosphere and attain phenomenal speeds. Amazing slow motion camera record shows spectacular event." - scenes of V-2 rockets assembled by Americans at White Sands New Mexico raised to launch position and test fired, seen in slow motion camera, up 75 miles to 3000 mph in 60 seconds. (partial silent newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-502 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/05/23 - Rail Strike Paralyzes Entire U.S. (1) "Faced with the most serious strike in its history, the U. S. is hard hit by a strike of railroad men, Delayed for five days, the strike finally does begin. Trains are idle; transportation is seriously crippled; passengers are stranded in stations." scenes of the start of the railroad strike, U.S. government takes over railroads. (2) Eisenhower In Far East - "Nanking, China: The U.S. Chief of Staff receives gala welcome, as he visits China's leader during his tour of U. S. Far Eastern bases. later, in Tokyo, he meets Gen. MacArthur and reviews 8th Army parade." scenes of Ike and Marshall in China. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-505 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/05/29 - Coal Strike Ended (1) "Final settlement in Washington between John L. Lewis and the government brings to an end the crippling mine tie-up. In soft-coal pits throughout the nation, miners go back to work as our supply of coal is at a record low. " scenes of Lewis, coal miners happy (2) Food for the Needy - "New York NY: Cardinal Spellman of New York, and Cardinal Griffin of England, look over shipments of canned foods donated by Catholic charities to help alleviate starvation abroad." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-507 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/06/03 - Eisenhower Says We Must Back Victory (1) "Washington DC; In a stirring plea to the nation, on the second anniversary of D-Day, our Chief of Staff lauds our fighting men for the victorious past and calls on the nation's your to enlist." Chief of Staff Ike speaks, just back from tour. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-508 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/06/06 - Damage Foreshadows A-Bomb Test (1) "Japan: Dramatic pictures of atom bomb damage in Hiroshima and Nagasaki foreshadow the coming Bikini Atoll experiment. Intense heat and light of blast scarred shadows of human beings on destroyed bridges!" scenes of visual evidence of atomic damage in Hiroshima (2) Italy Joins Democracies - "Italy: Following mass demonstrations and a democratic referendum, Italian voters cast their lot with the democracies and oust their king. The majority, who voted republican, wanted 'No More Balconies!'" (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-509 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/06/10 - Allied Victory Parade (1) MacKenzie King of Canada and Churchill and King and Queen review parade in London; (2) Army reveals jewel theft of millions, stolen from European castle by American officers. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-510 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/06/13 - Atom Test Nears (1) Personalities in the News - "General Walter Smith, U. S. Ambassador to Russia, presents his credentials at the Kremlin . . . Marlene Dietrich arrives in Paris to make a motion picture with Jean Gabin . . . Another screen celebrity, Madeline Carroll, is in Madrid for the same purpose. Doctor Nicholas Murray Butler, president emeritus of Columbia, is honored by his home town, Patterson, N.J." scenes of Walter Bedell Smith arriving in Russia (2) "Kwajalein: The finishing touches are put on preparations for Operation Crossroads at Bikini atoll. Photographers and pilots are briefed aboard the Carrier USS Saidor, as zero hour nears." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-511 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/06/17 - Big Four's Peace Meet Open Again (1) Bevin, Molotov, Jimmy Byrnes, France's George Bidaut meet for conference (2) 100 Years of Peace - centennial and peace arch of treaty between U.S. Canada establishing boundary (3) Peron Takes Office - in Argentina, reviews army and navy. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-512 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/06/20 - Japan Today (1) "Japan: In the midst of black markets and inflationary prices, life for the average Japanese is grim and barren. Rebuilding homes and harvesting meagre crops keep some healthy and housed, but many have to tighten their belts." scenes of life in Japan, poverty, gardens planted, black market. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-513 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/06/24 - Big 4 Turns Down Austria on Tyrol (1) Council of Foreign Ministers meeting in Paris turned down transfer of Tyrol (2) Vinson new Chief Justice of Supreme Court sworn in on White house portico. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-514 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/06/27 - Monster Flying Wing (1) "Inglewood CA: A new chapter in aviation development is written as the twenty-five-ton Northrup flying wing takes to the air. The tailless craft has a wing span of 172 feet and will weigh fifty tons fully loaded." (2) Personalities in the News - "John W. Snyder takes office as Secretary of the Treasury. He is sworn in by Fred M. Vinson, chief justice of the Supreme court. Benjamin Fairless, president of United States Steel, is awarded the Medal of Merit by Secretary of War Patterson, for his work as advisor to the Ordinance Department during the war. John R. Steelman, the president's labor advisor, is sworn in as Director of War Mobilization and Reconversion." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-515 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/07/01 - Operations Crossroads Underway (1) "Events leading Up To The Epochal Blast - Last-minute preparations for the atom bomb test at Bikini Atoll! See the planes, the ships and the men who took part in Operation Crossroads! The famed B-29, 'Dave's Dream,' takes off from Kwajalein as the entire world waits to hear that three ships were sunk and many others damaged as the fourth atom bomb in history was exploded. The results have as yet not been completely evaluated." scenes of ships positioned around lagoon, air crews briefed, Superfortresses on Kwajalein are specially marked, Dave's Dream plane ready to drop atomic bomb on Bikini atoll. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-516 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/07/03 - Heroes Comes Home (1) Japanese Americans of 442 battalion (2) Army wives reach Japan (3) Chicago: Air-Bus transfer. SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-517 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/07/08 - First Pictures Atomic Blast! (1) "The dramatic film history of the atom bomb test at Bikini! Pictures of the actual bomb drop! Blasted ships and the terrible destructive force of the world's fourth atom bomb! Universal Newsreel, in cooperation with the Army and Navy, presents the motion picture drama, 'Operation Crossroads.' This film record of the historical event shows in dramatic detail the various phases of the epochal experiment, from takeoff to the awful blast that destroyed or damaged more than half the ships in Bikini Lagoon." scenes of Admiral William H. Blandy commanding Operation Crossroads at Bikini Lagoon, test animals put on ships, sheep is sheared, Secretary of Navy Forrestal speaks on deck of ship (sound distorted), crews leave, Bikini fleet ready, A-bomb loaded on B-29 Dave's Dream, plane takes off, bomb doors open, men put on protective goggles; (2) "The bomb's away! It's falling . . . " then explosion, "motion picture spectacle of all time" and another view of the explosion. (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-518 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/07/11 - Hughes Plane Crash (1) Howard Hughes seriously injured in crash in Beverly Hills, Calif. SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-519 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/07/15 - Philippine's Independence Proclaimed (1) transfer of sovereignty for independent republic of Philippines on July 4, Manuel Rojas new president, ambassador McNutt looks on, MacArthur speaks. SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-520 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/07/18 - Pres. Truman Honors Nisei Combat Group (1) Parade of 442 regiment of Japanese-Americans, Truman speaks (2) Siam's king meets death (3) Dirigible Pioneer Retires - Admiral Charles Rosenthal at Lakehurst NJ ceremony (4) Operation Goodwill; aerial parade of RAF bombers over New York, on 30-day tour of U.S. by Squadron 35 of Lancasters (5) Portland, Oregon, World premier of Universal movie Canyon Passage. SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-521 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/08/05 - "Jap Films of Hiroshima" (1) Japanese Films of atomic bomb blast at Hiroshima, released one year later (2) Underwater atom blast rocks Bikini (line down middle of film frames) Admiral Blandy commander of task force, 2nd test of Operation Crossroads, cameras point to site of underwater explosion Test Baker, mushroom cloud of explosion, carrier Saratoga finally sinks, another view of the blast from overhead airplane. (sound track cuts out at very end) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-526 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/08/08 - Reds Balk Vote Plan (1) Foreign Ministers conference in palace in Paris, Molotov, Byrnes (2) Oak Ridge, Tenn., Atomic aid for science, first time facilities opened to press. SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-527 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/08/12 - U-Boat Pens Blasted (1) "Bremen, Germany: Huge submarine pens on the Weser River are bombed during tests by Occupation Forces on the thick-walled structures, seized at the armistice and hitherto well-guarded secrets. The bomb damage is extensive!" German structure was built to test U-boats, hit by 22,000 pound bomb (2) "Rio De Janeiro: The U.S. Chief of Staff receives a warm welcome when he arrives by plane for his first visit to Brazil. President Dutra leads his nation in a stirring salute to the hero of victory in Europe." Rio welcomes Eisenhower, crowd of 100,000 line street, Ike watches horse race with president of Brazil. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-528 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/08/15 - Biggest Bomber (1) "Fort Worth TX: Newest bombing plane stands five stories high, has a range of 10,000 miles with 30 tons of bombs. it is test flown with results 'beyond expectations.'" scenes of the first flight on August 8 of the Convair B-36 'Peacemaker,' the largest Air Force bomber. (2) Brazil Honors Ike - "Rio De Janeiro: Climaxing a triumphal visit to Brazil, General Eisenhower visits Brazil's military academy and reviews its crack corps of cadets." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-529 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/08/19 - President on Vacation (1) Presidential yacht Williamsburg takes Truman on his first vacation; (2) Long distance anniversary at Paris, Ontario, for 70th anniversary of telephone (3) Churchill visits Dover. SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-530 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/08/23 - Navy's Biggest Airplane (1) "Burbank CA: The wraps are taken off the new Lockheed 'Constitution,' 168-passenger plane built for the Navy and soon ready for test flights. The 92-ton dreadnaught will be able to fly to Tokyo in 19 hours." scenes of the Navy land-based transport airplane. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-531 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/08/26 - Volunteers Unload UNRRA Food Supplies (1) Italian student volunteer to unload UNRRA food from ships bound for Austria (2) War Criminal Trials Draw Towards End, at Nuremberg, after 10 months of trial, England's prosecutor speaks. SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-532 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/08/30 - UN Starts Session At New Home (1) Security Council meets at Lake Success, NY. SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-533 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/09/02 - Yugoslavia Air Victims (1) "Rome, Italy: Following their release at Yugoslav border, five caskets containing the bodies of American airmen shot down by Yugo fighter planes arrive at airport enroute to final burial place in the U. S." (2) "Washington DC: Re-affirming our right to send U.S. warships anywhere in the world, Admiral Halsey defends cruise of huge carrier to Greek waters and says 'We will go where we please!" scenes of carrier Franklin D. Roosevelt in Mediterranean, Halsey speaks on freedom of the seas (3) "Dayton, Ohio: Catapulted into the air from a speedy 'Black Widow' night-fighter, Corp. Harry Brickenheimer lands safely in a parachute, proving the efficiency of the Army's new ejector seat." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-534 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/09/10 - Byrnes Sets U.S. Policy for Germany (1) Byrnes speaks [partial sound] (2) Strike Ties Up All U.S. Ports (3) Puerto Rico governor takes office - Pinero first native Puerto Rican governor, sworn in, parade. SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-536 National Archives, College Park MD

1946/09/17 - Air Victims Come Home (9/13 date should be 9/17) (1) "Washington DC: The mortal remains of five American airmen, shot down by Tito's fighter planes over Yugoslavia, arrive by plane from Europe. An honor guard escorts the caskets to Arlington National Cemetery." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 19-538 National Archives, College Park MD

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